So you’re curious about the person behind this blog? Well, my name is Bert van Langen, live in the Netherlands in a town called Almelo and working in Information Technology for quite some time, over 15 years by now. I’ve mainly worked at Financial Institutions (>14 years) in several disciplines, sectors and markets.

I started out working as a Java/JEE developer, followed by lots of other roles and functions within Information Technology and quickly became an all-round IT professional.

After doing all kinds of cool stuff in Financial Institutions I recently switched jobs (2015). Now I’m for hire 😉 I work at a rather small company called Carthago ICT nearby my hometown. The company consists of a bunch of really devoted professionals that actually live for there customers. Doing there utmost best in providing customer needs and actually succeeding in it! Being such a small company enables benefit of great speed, agility and flexibility to satisfy the customer at large scale. It’s magnificent to be part of such a group!

As a contractor I have the opportunity to look and cook inside kitchens of all kinds of companies in very distinctive sectors; commercial, non-commercial, governmental, you name it… I’ll be blogging a lot about my experiences for sure!

On a day-to-day basis I’m usually collaborating in dynamic and ambitious, Agile Scrum software development teams. Implementing new functionality, doing maintenance and responsible for the technical design and implementation. Am providing technical advice, business consultancy and coaching. Monitor, analyze, maintain and provide advice regarding the whole stack of the IT landscape. When requested I’m involved in Business intelligence with respect to the ETL processes, Master Data Management and the data warehouse Universe.

I primarily focus on the creation process, working with the business, programmers, testers, and architects to build the best suitable solutions with high quality regarding usability, performance, maintainability, future proof and scalability.

In this blog I’m sharing my solutions, handy stuff, knowledge and inventions regarding Software Development in the broadest sense. Next to that I created a section on articles on this blog that arouse my interest and other nice to know items. This section is more or less uncategorized. I would be glad to receive any feedback and/or to get in touch with fellow IT professionals. Sharing opinions, knowledge or whatever comes to mind. And just maybe we’ll bump into each other at DevoXX, JFall, IDUG or some other conference. It’s a small world after all…

Have fun!

Bert van Langen